York County Home Care Jobs 

York County Home Care Jobs 

The premier landing spot in York County home care jobs is with us through Faithful At Home Care. We are a reliable home care agency that offers quality, dependable home care in the comfort of your home, from professionals you can trust. Our main office is based nearby in Lancaster, and many of our patients should be a short drive away for you.

Our staff is dedicated to connecting with clients who could benefit from extra hands in their daily lives. When you join our team, you become an essential part of a special person’s life by becoming extended family.

As a member of our caregiving staff, you will have the proud responsibility to provide non-medical one-on-one assistance, tailored to individual needs, and enable clients to stay independent.

With 450+ caregivers, our team is here to help meet all sorts of clients’ independent living needs, whether it’s 24/7 care or just a few hours a week. As a member of our team, your services will extend to: 

We require our caregivers to:

  • Have 2 favorable references.
  • Pass a comprehensive test before being hired Attend a training session that reviews basic care upon acceptance of their employment.
  • Participate in refresh training sessions throughout your tenure with us.

Reviews of York County Home Care Jobs 

“I love working with all my co-workers. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We join together and help when someone needs it. It is a very uplifting environment…Management always empowers us to do the best we can and give our all” 

“The management team at FAH is awesome and my personal belief is that they are professionals, and are polite who get the job done regardless of the pressure”

“I really enjoy working with the management team at FAH because they go above and beyond to provide our consumers with the services they need…I feel our management team has the interest of the consumers”

You can see our open positions here. We hope to hear from you soon.