Maria Saturne-Pierre: Providing Peace of Mind to Client and Family

We are proud to highlight the remarkable work of Marie Saturne-Pierre in this Core Value Recognition spotlight.
According to Kate, who’s been Marie’s client for many years, “She makes sure that I always look and feel my best…she just knows what the right thing to do is and she does it.”
Marie has displayed her commitment to Kate by seldom missing work, and always being on time. She shows her dedication by calming Kate down when she feels anxious and helping her to fit in during social gatherings. Most importantly is that Marie provides Kate’s family with peace of mind. “She has been the most dependable, reliable, and all-around hard-working caregiver I have had in a very long time. She feels like part of our family,” exclaimed Kate.
“What a wonderful tribute to someone who lives out all of our core values,” said Dave Laha, President & CEO of Faithful At Home Care. “I was very inspired about how hard Marie works to ensure her client was living her best life.”