Central Pennsylvania Cognitive Disability Care

Faithful At Home Care provides Central Pennsylvania in-home cognitive disability care services for individuals in need throughout Lancaster County, Lebanon County, York County, Cumberland County, Adams County, Franklin County and Fulton County. Our meticulously vetted and extensively trained caregivers approach each case with unwavering dedication, crafting bespoke care plans that meticulously address the unique needs and preferences of every individual. Recognizing the fundamental importance of fostering a secure and nurturing environment, we seamlessly blend utmost respect and dignity with personalized support. Whether it be assisting with daily living activities, managing medication, or simply providing enriching companionship and engaging activities, Faithful At Home Care empowers individuals with cognitive disabilities to flourish within the comforting familiarity of their own homes. We cultivate close collaborative relationships with families and healthcare professionals, establishing a comprehensive support network that safeguards independence and promotes a fulfilling life within the embrace of their communities. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and genuine empathy, Faithful At Home Care empowers individuals with cognitive disabilities to unlock their full potential and lead fulfilling lives, nestled within the heart of their Pennsylvania home.

Developmental Disability Home Care

Adults with special needs, physical disabilities, and challenges often need round-the-clock, hands-on care. Faithful at Home Care can provide warm and professional assistance to the individual, while offering needed support for the primary caregiver.

Our caregivers can help reduce the demands on primary caregivers by assisting with morning and evening care, daily activities, bathing and dressing, meal preparation, household chores, running errands, transporting the individual, and other services.

Intellectual Disability Home Care

Faithful at Home Care professionals help individuals with intellectual disabilities live in their own home or with their families.

We follow an individualized support plan that is designed to improve the self-sufficiency, socialization and adaptive skills of disabled persons. We use best practices to help increase independence and inclusion, in both family and community life.

Our care includes planning activities that encourage the capabilities of each individual, and in providing caring and experienced care when you can’t be there.

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