Homecare Agencies in Fulton County, PA

Homecare Agencies in Fulton County PA
Homecare Agencies in Fulton County PA

Reach out to us as your answer to your search for homecare agencies in Fulton County, PA. At Faithful at Home Care, it is essential that we match the quality of care your loved ones’ needs. We only staff professionals who believe in an individual’s rights to be cared for with pride, warmth, thoughtfulness, care, and respect.

We understand how difficult it is for you to trust the care of a loved one to people outside of your family. But we also know that you have responsibilities of your own and can’t always be there. We offer the same level of caring for your loved ones that you would, and we make it possible for seniors and disabled individuals to stay in their home.

For many people who need assistance but still want to keep a sense of independence, a trustworthy homecare agency can be a hassle to find. Clients look for professionals that know how to attend to their needs with a level of respect for that leaves room for dignity. Nobody ever wants to feel that receiving help is a matter of being weak, and Faithful at Home Care knows that best.

Our in-home services for Fulton County patients include illness recovery, cognitive disability, personal care, Alzheimer’s and dementia, hospice and more. If you have a loved one who has special needs that are beyond your capability to care for, but still want them to be comfortable at home, reach out to us and see what we can do to help.

Your Homecare Agencies in Fulton County, PA

Everyone on staff is diligently screened during the interview process. A full criminal background check is verified as well as child abuse vetting. We require our caregivers to have 2 positive references and staff must complete a thorough assessment before they are hired. The caregivers at Faithful at Home Care are retrained in the basics upon hire, and throughout the year attended basics recap meetings.

The value of comfort is essential for their services – part of that means assuring clients and their families that the staff is being held accountable from start to finish of their time in the home. All Faithful at Home Care providers will have company name tags, making it easy to identify as valid professionals for the agency. Their process involves logging start and finish times upon entering and exiting the home. This is done through an app based system that monitors the service in a timely and reliable manner.

This thorough process is ideal for the residents in Fulton County who could benefit from the use of homecare agencies in Fulton County, PA. For more information, read about the staff and service offerings of Faithful at Home Care on this website, and on our Facebook page.

Looking for job opportunities in Fulton County? When you work with Faithful at Home Care, you can help to make a difference in someone’s life…being there for people in need, helping them to stay independent, and assisting families who are dealing with the challenges of caring for a loved one. Start changing lives with us…click here to find out more about employment with Faithful at Home Care, and how you can help to change lives for the better!