Scheduler Jailene Rosado

Jailene Rosado

Jailene Rosado is a 24 year old scheduler at Faithful at Home Care from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Jailene was hired in 2017 and helps to coordinate caregivers schedules with consumers. She speaks both Spanish and English. This is an added benefit to serving the large Spanish speaking population in Central Pennsylvania.

When Jailene started working at FAH, she was simply looking for a career change. After a few months she was promoted and given more responsibilities. She like the fact that FAH is a very family oriented business that uses a team approach. She gets along very well with her co-workers making the office feel like a second home.

“Management is really good. They are really organized. They know exactly what they are doing and they are very motivated. They want to grow as a company. They set goals and they are doing a great job.”
– Jailene Rosado   

Watch a Brief Video from Jailene