Caregiver Marcia Vanderhoof

Marcia Vanderhoof

Marcia Vanderhoof is a caregiver who has worked with Faithful at Home Care before it was run by the current management, and she continues to work with us today. Marcia is very happy with the changes made by David Laha and the new management team. She loves her job because she gets to work with a variety of clients with a variety of needs and disabilities.

Marcia gets bored easily and FAH makes life interesting and exciting because no two days are alike. Some of her clients are anxious to see her and wait for her at their door. She finds this very rewarding.

“Before is wasn’t great, but the new management team now is great. I have seen a lot of changes. I have seen that they are doing a lot for us as caregivers. It’s a matter of respect.”
– Marcia Vanderhoof

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