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Caregiver Recognition Program Announced

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The purpose of the Caregiver Recognition Program is to provide formal feedback and accolades to our dedicated and hard-working direct care workers who provide quality care to our clients.  The program seeks to recognize not only years of service excellence but also individuals who have sought ongoing education and formal certification that will further assist them in the industry.  This program provides a structured and purposeful way to recognize and highlight our staff.


Faithful at Home Care has established and will maintain a formal Caregiver Recognition Program, which all the company’s direct care workers are eligible for.  Eligibility criteria of all categories: Compliance requirements are up to date.


  • Years of Service Recognition:
    • 1 year of service
    • 2 years of service
    • 3 years of service
    • 4 years of service
    • 5+ years of service
  • Core Value Recognition Winner
    • Through client or office staff nomination, recognized monthly
    • $100 Gift Card
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
    • Received certification
  • Above & Beyond
    • Consistent and frequently requested by clients, feedback from office staff
    • Recognized quarterly
    • 8 hours PTO awarded
  • Home Health Aid
    • Received certification

A Thanksgiving Message from our President & CEO

Happy Thanksgiving Faithful At Home Care Non Medical In Home Care

Dear Faithful At Home Care Employees and Customers,

Once again, it’s the time of the year when we gather around the table with our families and friends to pause and reflect on the things in our life that we are grateful for. This year I am thankful for the privilege to serve our clients as Faithful At Home Care’s President and Chief Executive Officer and to lead our dedicated and loyal team who exemplify their dedication and commitment to the people we serve with the actions they take in their service to others. We are adaptable, loyal, and able to think outside of the box regardless of the turbulent times that we are forced to navigate. I have never been prouder of our associates and their relentless commitment to always do the right thing for our clients. Once again, thank you.

As we look forward to the holidays and the new year, I stand firm in our commitment for Faithful At Home Care to continue to grow into the market leader to the residents of the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. We cannot achieve that vision without you – people committed to living and breathing our core values. You have the compassion and empathy needed to help the members of our community receive the quality care they need and deserve. Because of you, people are able to live their best lives regardless of the medical and psychological obstacles they face. Never underestimate your contribution to the success of Faithful At Home Care.

Dave Laha
President & CEO

Dave Laha is President and CEO at Faithful AT Home Care

Dave Laha is President and CEO at Faithful AT Home Care

Rowing in the Same Direction

Dave Laha is President and CEO at Faithful AT Home Care

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the ongoing implementation of our core values. As a reminder our Core Values are:

  • Commitment to others – acting selfless, humble, and patient.
  • Doing the Right Thing – acting with integrity, kindness, and compassion. Treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Adaptable – being teachable, candid, openness to others.
  • Dedicated – hard-worker, acting purposefully.
  • Team Player – Positive attitude, finds balance, has fun.

Do you know why I’m so excited? Because our company’s core values are a set of principles that guide us and influence our company culture. They are the framework from which business decisions are made, especially when it comes to hiring, firing, and promoting employees. It means getting the right people in the right seats,  getting everyone on the same page, rowing in the same direction, and creating a synchronized vision for our future.

I would like to congratulate last quarters winners of the Core Recognition Spotlight:

  • February – Justine Huber
  • March – Marie Saturne-Pierre
  • April – Jasmin Cabrera
  • May – Deana Gatlin

Thank you for helping us gain traction by instilling discipline and accountability throughout our company. You’ve proved that EVERYONE is capable EVERYDAY of executing our vision.

What is that vision you ask? Once fully implemented, our core values and vision will enable Faithful At Home Care to grow into a leading provider of non-medical home care to the residents of the mid-Atlantic region, and eventually expand across the country. To achieve that bold vision, we need associates who live and breathe our core values. We are laser-focused in our efforts on “getting the right people in the right seats” so that we can build a strong foundation upon which Faithful At Home Care can grow into a formidable provider of non-medical home care services.

I know changes in leadership can be concerning and restructuring roles and responsibilities can be unsettling, but they are part of the journey we must take to reach our vision and our ultimate destination. In making these changes, we are making sacrifices together and enduring short-term pain as an organization but doing so with a plan to achieve our long-term strategic goals. Our future leaders will share the same vision and core values, be strong, have compassion and empathy and, will be team builders who can work cohesively to create momentum.

I invite you to learn more about EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System philosophy that we utilize to help us gain vision, traction, and build a more cohesive, functional, and healthy leadership team by CLICKING HERE.  I am confident that we are building a talented leadership team that will be ready to take the exemplary services we provide to a wider audience. I look forward to sharing our future growth and success with all of you. It’s an exciting time to work at Faithful At Home Care!

Introducing Angel Ramos, Director of Operations

Please join us in welcoming Angel Ramos, our new Director of Operations! Angel has 20 years of healthcare experience including acute and chronic care, but what has defined her career is non-medical home care. According to Angel, “home care allowed me to grow personally, advocate for the geriatric population, and work with the community.” Angel is a graduate of Central Penn College where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business. She is currently pursuing her MBA in Business Leadership at Messiah University. In her role, Angel will educate the community on the importance of non-medical home care, advocate and nurture our current clients, and strengthen our organization through support, leadership, and empowering others. “I am very happy to be at Faithful At Home Care during this exciting time of growth,” exclaimed Angel.

Please welcome Kayla Bradshaw to our Scheduling Team!

In her role, Kayla will serve as the liaison between our agency, client, caregiver, and payer. She will manage the flow of patient care, by creating ongoing schedules for new hires, filling any gaps in the current schedule, and maintaining a relationship with the caregivers.

According to Kayla, “I decided to work here because it seemed like a great atmosphere and the employees were very welcoming. I am looking forward to helping not only the company to grow but also myself as a person.”

Before joining Faithful at Home Care, Kayla was a CNA for 5 years but decided to stay at home to take care of her 3 children before deciding to return to the workforce.  In her spare time, you’ll find Kayla reading horror novels and crocheting. She also loves cheerleading and was actively cheering on football and wrestling teams as well as cheerleading competitively for 10 years. After that, she coached cheerleading for 3 years.

Jasmin Cabrera is our Core Value Recognition Winner!

“Anyone would be lucky to have her as a caregiver,” exclaimed Lisa, a long-time client of Faithful at Home Care. “She is an amazing caregiver, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world!”

In her nomination, Lisa said how Jasmin’s ability to be a team player, her dedication, and her ethical ability to always do the right thing, has greatly enhanced her life. Jasmin is known for her superior communication skills when working with other caregivers and members of the community who support Lisa. Ensuring that Lisa receives the right care daily, is important to Jasmin. Jasmin is also very good at following detailed directions and is also able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Finally, Jasmin is dedicated to making sure that Lisa follows a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“I am proud to have Jasmin Cabrera represent our company in the community,” said Dave Laha, President & CEO of Faithful At Home Care. “She is very deserving of this Core Value Recognition!”

5 Spring Cleaning Safety Tips for Senior Caregivers

Does your client’s kitchen look like a display ad for gadgets and counter-top appliances? Does all of the excess furniture lying around their living space look like it should be in a yard sale? If you answered “yes” or even a reluctant “no”, then it’s time to help them freshen up their home. For seniors citizens and their caregivers, these five spring cleaning tips are for safety first.

1. Check the Medicine Cabinet
Are medications labeled and stored in their proper containers? Do they have old prescription drugs mixed in with the new? These common practices in homes pose potentially dangerous health hazards. Old liquid antibiotics, drugs comprised of organic ingredients and those requiring refrigeration should be safely discarded.
2. Clean Up Clutter
Trips and falls are likely to happen when clients accumulate too much “stuff”. Reduce the risk by removing unnecessary and obstructive items (including furniture) from their regular walking path and place them in storage. Make maintaining a clear walkway in every room of the house or apartment a top priority. And either tape carpet edges or throw rugs to the floor or get rid of them entirely.
In the kitchen, remove infrequently used appliances off the counter, organize cabinets, create front row spaces for frequently use items, and clear out the refrigerator and pantry of stale food.
3. Have an Emergency Plan in Place
In case of an emergency such as a fall, an attempted burglary, or a kitchen accident, does your client have important numbers on speed dial? Do they know who to call in an emergency?
4. Never Try to Move Heavy Objects or Furniture on Your Own
For seniors with reduced strength or mobility challenges, doing household chores may seem like a monumental task. Remind them to never try to move furniture or heavy objects on their own. Don’t stand on a chair or ladder to clean hard to reach spots or change light bulbs. Use cordless cleaning tools and lightweight equipment which are easier to use. Try the newer, more efficient technology tools on the market designed to make modern household cleaning a breeze.
5. Monitor Your Smoke Alarm System, Fire Extinguisher and Emergency Kit
Periodically check your client’s smoke alarm system and carbon monoxide detectors; run a test to ensure batteries for detectors are functional.
Every home should have at least two handheld fire extinguishers (one in the kitchen for sure). Check the expiration date and remind yourself to monitor the device every once in a while.
Emergency kits should be assessed often and restocked in the Spring and Winter. General contents may include: a flashlight and spare batteries, thermometer, Band-Aids, scissors, tape, triple antibiotic ointment, wound care dressings, allergy and digestive medications, protein bars, a current medication list and names and phone number of family or friends to contact list in an emergency.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Faithful At Home Care recognizes March as National Brain Injury Awareness Month – a time to observe the growing frequency of traumatic brain injuries and to help make lives better for people who have sustained this kind of trauma. Traumatic brain injury is a serious condition, and many are not aware of the full scope of its effects.

Many times, people can be unsure about what to do during an “awareness month.” Here are a few ways to get involved during Brain Injury Awareness Month:
Learn about traumatic brain injury. A great start is to visit the website of the Brain Injury Association of America.

  • Donate. Find a non-profit or health organization you trust and donate to brain injury research or services. Be sure to thoroughly research any organization before donating.
    Attend an awareness event.
  • Check your local listings for any Brain Injury related events that may be planned.
  • Volunteer. Lend your time to an organization or health care agency that serves those with traumatic brain injury. Many organizations are always looking for good volunteers!
  • Help an individual or family in need. There is a good chance you know someone with a traumatic brain injury or know someone who is caring for a loved one who has experienced this kind of trauma. Ask specifically how you can help. It can be something as simple as bringing a home-cooked meal once a month.
  • Tell your story. If you or someone you love is affected by traumatic brain injury, one of the most powerful ways you can help is by telling your story. By sharing your experience, you are passing along valuable advice and support.

Some Brain Injury statistics* to note:

• At least 2.5 million people sustain brain injuries in the U.S. each year

• 50,000 die as a result of sustaining a brain injury

• Every 13 seconds, someone in the U.S. suffers a brain injury

• At least 5.3 million people in the U.S. live with brain injury-related disabilities

*© Brain Injury Association of America

Maria Saturne-Pierre: Providing Peace of Mind to Client and Family

We are proud to highlight the remarkable work of Marie Saturne-Pierre in this Core Value Recognition spotlight.
According to Kate, who’s been Marie’s client for many years, “She makes sure that I always look and feel my best…she just knows what the right thing to do is and she does it.”
Marie has displayed her commitment to Kate by seldom missing work, and always being on time. She shows her dedication by calming Kate down when she feels anxious and helping her to fit in during social gatherings. Most importantly is that Marie provides Kate’s family with peace of mind. “She has been the most dependable, reliable, and all-around hard-working caregiver I have had in a very long time. She feels like part of our family,” exclaimed Kate.
“What a wonderful tribute to someone who lives out all of our core values,” said Dave Laha, President & CEO of Faithful At Home Care. “I was very inspired about how hard Marie works to ensure her client was living her best life.”

Justine Huber is our first Core Value Recognition Recipient!

Justine Huber doesn’t just do her job at Faithful At Home Care, she changes people’s lives.  According to Sandy, the mother of a person with developmental disabilities, “She can tell if my son will be having a good day or a bad day, and she can reach him on a different level.” Because of her commitment and passion for helping others, she has found a special way of communicating with him that helps him overcome obstacles and behavioral issues he may experience. “When she’s not here on the weekends, my son asks about her, he misses her,” said Sandy.  Justine has worked with Sandy and her son for over 5 years and displays her dedication by rarely calling off from work and always displaying a positive attitude. Known for her “out of the box thinking,” Justine is adaptable to the needs of her client and is considerate of everyone’s needs regardless of who they are or where they come from.

“I am so proud of Justine for displaying not one, not two, but all five of our core values,” said David Laha, President & CEO at Faithful At Home Care. “She is an excellent first recipient of our Core Value Recognition program and I congratulate her for making such a big difference in the lives of her clients.”

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Core Value Recognition Program and stay tuned for more caregivers to be highlighted monthly in our newsletter.

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