President & CEO Dave Laha talks Core Values at Faithful At Home Care

I would like to start off this message with my sincerest thanks to all our caregivers for helping our clients through a very difficult 2020. Time and time again, we saw our core values come to life in your commitment to others, ability to be adaptable, dedication to our mission, working as a team, and acting with integrity, kindness, compassion, and dignity.

As much as I’d like to say the worse is behind us, I can’t.  The uncertainty of the virus and the slow adoption of the vaccine creates uncertainty as we begin 2021, but there are few things I am certain about.

  1. We can’t do it without you. Every Faithful At Home Care Associate will play an important role in achieving our goals this year. We know that engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of your talent is our competitive advantage.
  2. We all need to live by our Core Values. If we truly hold ourselves accountable to our values and ethical standards, it creates a higher standard of service excellence for our clients.
  3. Our Community needs us. Keeping people safe at home is more important than it ever was before. Seniors and people with physical disabilities are counting on us to deliver upon our promise and do everything in our power to help them through these difficult times.

This past year has had its share of challenges, but the good news is that with a vaccine coming, and our team of very talented and committed associates in the field, Faithful At Home Care is positioned to be the premier non-medical home care agency in central PA.  I am positive that 2021 will be a transformational year for Faithful At Home Care – fueled by your integrity, commitment to excellence, and belief in our mission.