Central Pennsylvania Home Care Jobs

Caregivers seeking Central Pennsylvania home care jobs may find their preferred home Faithful at Home Care. We are a home care agency that offers quality, dependable home care, in the comfort of clients’ homes, from trustworthy professionals. From families looking for private in-home senior care to healthcare facilities needing additional staff resources, our team is here to help meet the independent living needs of those who need it, whether 24/7 or just a few hours a week.

At Faithful at Home Care, we thoroughly vet our prospective employees, including:

  • A full criminal background check and child abuse clearance is obtained.
  • We require our professional caregivers to have at least two years of paid experience and at least two favorable references.
  • All caregivers must pass a comprehensive test before being hired.

Our staff also attends a training session that reviews basic care upon acceptance of their employment and participates in refresh training sessions several times during the year. All caregivers will have name badges identifying them as the approved personnel. They will log in and out of the individual’s home through an app based system to ensure that their care is provided in a timely and reliable manner.


Reviews of Central Pennsylvania Home Care Jobs

“I love working with all my co-workers. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We join together and help when someone needs it. It is a very uplifting environment…Management always empowers us to do the best we can and give our all.” 

– Jennifer Schlabach

“The management team at FAH is awesome and my personal belief is that they are professionals, and are polite who get the job done regardless of the pressure.”

– Karonda Dorsey

“Management is really good. They are really organized. They know exactly what they are doing and they are very motivated. They want to grow as a company. They set goals and they are doing a great job.”

– Jailene Rosado   

Let Faithful at Home Care be your choice for Central Pennsylvania home care jobs. Contact us today to find out how to get started.