Caregiver Jobs in York, PA

Caregiver Jobs in York PAFaithful at Home Care has open positions for caregiver jobs in York, PA. Our agency is headquartered in Lancaster and we specialize in high quality home care for clients that need assistance from professionals.

Being a caregiver offers a true sense of purpose…an opportunity to help people in need, to help people to live more independently and helping keep people safer in their own homes, rather than having to move into a care home. The rewards of being a caregiver are many, and if you are qualified, you can be someone who makes a difference for someone in need and improve their quality of life.

Faithful at Home Care offers affordable, non-medical, one-on-one assistance care catered to the needs of the patient, allowing them to get the aid needed in the comfort of their home. The professionals at Faithful at Home Care focus on putting the needs of patient first and treat everyone with the highest degree of compassion and understanding.

About Caregiver Jobs in York, PA

Our caregivers at Faithful at Home Care are carefully selected. We understand the need for properly trained professionals, and for patients and their families to be able to trust us in their homes. Faithful at Home Care goes through a lengthy process before bringing new caregivers onto the team. Applicants are thoroughly screened, extensively trained once hired and fully insured as part of our staff.

We know the importance of providing a sense of accountability for our patients, which is why we do our best to match the needs of residents with the right caregiver. Our services range from a few hours per day to 24 hours a day, all depending on what the local resident needs.

For the ones in your life who matter most, we are faithful to care in your home.

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