Caregiver Jobs in Lebanon, PA

Caregiver Jobs in Lebanon, PAFaithful at Home Care has positions for caregiver jobs in Lebanon, PA. Working at Faithful at Home Care, we seek the best caregivers for our clients. The expectations of being dependable and malleable to the client is always at the forefront of our service.

About Caregiver Jobs in Lebanon, PA

Before coming on board to our team, all that apply go through a meticulous screening process during the interview stages. Applicants will undergo a full criminal background check and are vetted for child abuse clearance. Caregivers must have two references to vouch for their work ethic, training, and reputation. From there a test to measure comprehension and understanding is administered. After being hired, our caregivers are sent to a training session for a refresher course reviewing basic care, and similar sessions throughout the year to inspect the needed skill-sets.

When working at Faithful at Home Care we believe in comfort and reliability for our patients. This goes beyond the training and into how we present ourselves. All staff at Faithful at Home Care are given “Faithful at Home Care” name tags, properly identifying them as members of our team. Upon arrival, the caregiver is to log in their time through an app based system. This is to make sure that the client is receiving the care at the right time.

Our professional caregivers must have two years worth of paid experience in the field, and we do ask for references to support their skills and background. We need a recent clean driving record

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