Caregiver Manager Alyssa Pearl

Caregiver Alyssa Pearl

Alyssa Pearl is a 31 year old caregiver manager from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Alyssa was hired in February of 2017 and has a background in customer service. When she came to Faithful at Home Care it was because she wanted to use her customer service background to help others. Alyssa works with the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) to schedule caregivers for clients with intellectual disabilities. She also develops Individual Support Plans (ISP) to meet the needs of each client. Alyssa enjoys helping others gain the confidence within themselves to complete daily living tasks, become an active member of the community and to maintain their independence.

“I really enjoy working with the management team at FAH because they go above and beyond to provide our consumers with the services they need…I feel our management team has the interest of the consumers”
– Alyssa Perl

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