Caregiver Karonda Dorsey

Karonda Dorsey

Karonda is a 30 year old caregiver from Lebanon, PA who has been working with Faithful at home Care since January of 2018. Karonda applied to FAH because she knows what it is like to care for someone who needs help as she had been a caregiver for an ill family member. Karonda was looking for a job that would be flexible with her college schedule while still guaranteeing her enough hours to make a living. During her typical work day, Karonda is responsible for making sure she gives her clients medicine and meals. She assists them with whatever they may need including, phone calls, filling out paperwork, helping them read, fill prescriptions, and socialization.

Karonda likes that the FAH team is flexible with her schedule if she is sick, has an emergency or needs to take a college class.

“The management team at FAH is awesome and my personal belief is that they are professionals, and are polite who get the job done regardless of the pressure”
– Karonda Dorsey

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