Caregiver Jose Gonzales

Jose Gonzales is a 41 year old caregiver from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Jose was hired in March of 2019 after being referred by a fried who worked for Faithful at Home Care. His friend had encouraged him to apply at FAH because they felt he would be well suited to work in the home care field. During a typical day, Jose will interact with clients to better understand their needs and long term goals. He works hard to help them achieve their goals and maintain a positive attitude. He finds his work rewarding because he he gets to brighten someone’s day everyday. Jose speaks both English and Spanish making him the ideal candidate to serve our Spanish speaking population in central Pennsylvania.

“I feel that the management is like a big extended family. Working closely with them, I enjoy interacting with them and coming up with plan for clients on how to be of better service to their needs”
– Jose Gonzales

Watch a Brief Video from Jose