Caregiver Jennifer Schlabach

Jennifer Schlabach is a 24 year old caregiver coordinator from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who has been working with Faithful at Home Care since March of 2019. Jennifer started as a direct care worker but desired to work in an office setting with other co-workers. Jennifer started working as a caregiver coordinator in 2019. Her job is to screen applicants for hiring, conducting interviews, and facilitating employee orientation and training sessions.

Jennifer feels the support she receives from the management team at Faithful at Home Care empowers her to lean and grow with the company.

“I love working with all my co-workers. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We join together and help when someone needs it. It is a very uplifting environment…Management always empowers us to do the best we can and give our all” 
– Jennifer Schlabach

Watch a Brief Video from Jennifer