Caregiver Isaac Scott

Isaac Scott

Isaac Scott is a 28 year old caregiver from York, PA. Isaac is a unique employee of Faithful at Home Care because he came to us WITH his own client. Isaac and his client Frank have been together for the last three years spanning two different agencies. Isaac actually came to us with his client when he was looking for a better agency to serve both of their needs. Isaac works with Frank overnight. He helps him bathe, do laundry and clean up his room. Frank and Isaac share a love of music and get along very well.  Isaac likes working at Faithful at Home because of the support he receives from the staff. FAH has been a great fit for both Isaac and his client Frank.

“I really like the new director, Dave. He’s a very  nice guy and they have all been super helpful with Frank and the new changes. They are great people to work with”
– Isaac Scott

Watch a Brief Video From Isaac